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Hannah's Story

He made his arrival at 9:13 pm on January 1, 2021, her son Michael Adam was born. The happiest day of her life. However, it wasn’t long before Hannah’s* world began to unravel, and she found herself a single parent and once again living with her parents.

Single parenting wasn’t in her plans

Only six months after the birth of her son, her husband filed for divorce. Several events led to the downward spiral of Hannah’s marriage, the loss of their home in Florida, a new baby with colic and her husbands diagnoses of PTSD. Having returned from the Army with PTSD, being in the house with the constant crying of newborn was a trigger for him. Only two weeks after filing for divorce, her husband signed over full custody of their son.

Hannah knew she needed help; depression had set in and the thought of raising her son on her own was overwhelming. Thankfully, shortly after her move to Tennessee she found the local Pregnancy Resource Center, Hope Center. Hannah faithfully attended parenting and mentoring classes giving her the education and support she was looking for during her time of crisis. Hannah admitted that she was a broken, defeated single mom when she started coming to Hope Center, but soon found the support system she needed to move forward in her life.

Pursuing her dreams

The Hope Center not only helped with Hannah’s material needs such as diapers and clothes for her son, but with her emotional, spiritual and educational needs. Hannah has picked herself back up and is choosing to live life to its fullest and move forward with her dreams of becoming a Registered Nurse as well as being a strong mother for her son. Today, Hannah is currently enrolled at a local college pursuing a Nursing Degree after being nominated by staff of the Hope Center and receiving a scholarship through ‘Unplanned Movie’ and Heartbeat International.

Being a single parent isn’t easy…sometimes you need a little help. Hannah found that help at her local Pregnancy Resource Center, Hope Center. If you find yourself in a similar situation, contact the Hope Center today.

*pseudonym; names have been changed to protect anonymity

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