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Baby Bottle Drives Save Lives!

The “Change for Life” campaign is a fun and unique way for churches, civic groups and families to support Hope Center Ministries, which includes a pregnancy resource center and a soon to open maternity home. Individuals can take home a baby bottle, fill it with coins, cash or a check and return it to your church or to the Hope Center.

Why Support Hope Center Ministries?

Helping hundreds of women facing pregnancy decisions each year is a special way of sharing Christ’s hope and love. Hope Center affirms the value of life by providing a network of care that includes mentoring, pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, maternity and baby supplies, post-abortion recovery and parenting classes.

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They Are Simple To Do:

1. Set a date for your campaign

2. We provide the bottles

3. We provide promotional items

4. Distribute bottles

​5. Collect bottles (on date set by church, 4-6 weeks is recommended)

6. Hope Center reports total to church or civic group

Want to Learn more about your church hosting a Baby Bottle Campaign?

Contact us to learn more about hosting a Baby Bottle Drive!

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