Guys, We are Here for You, Too

At The Hope Center, we understand that an unplanned pregnancy is tough on a guy, too. This is a stressful and confusing time for both you and your partner. That’s why we offer information and support to help you through this process. We want to help you know what you can do to better help her and maintain your own well-being along the way.

She’s Pregnant and You’re the Father. Now What?

We know that experiencing an unplanned pregnancy can cause stress, anxiety, and fear. DON’T PANIC and DON’T BAIL!! You have time to gather information and navigate through this challenging time. It’s okay to feel scared. Most men are frightened by an unplanned pregnancy and are tempted to end the situation quickly. We encourage you to take the time to learn. Also, remember to be patient as you support your partner through the decision-making process.

How You Can Help

  • Encourage her to schedule a no-cost pregnancy test
  • Talk to your partner
  • Learn about all of the pregnancy options
  • Don’t rush into a decision; take your time and decide together
  • Receive in-house and community resources and referrals
  • Move forward knowing you have an important role to play in this process

Your voice is important. Here at The Hope Center, we recognize that men need support and education before making important life-changing choices. We will take time to discuss options with you and answer any questions you may have. There are men who would be happy to speak with you. Make an appointment today. Give us a call at 423-638-LIFE and let’s talk.

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